What is the AVA?

'Develop, promote and protect the use of vending in the UK'

Operator, vending machine manufacturer, vendor or user – all have common cause with an industry that wants to progress, innovate and deliver on its promises.

With AVA at the forefront of the industry that’s exactly what will happen.

We exist to:

  • Protect, advise and support our members
  • Lobby on our members’ behalf
  • Provide a competitive edge for our industry
  • Seek opportunities for expansion and growth
  • Create conditions for cost-effective, efficient and reliable retailing
  • Offer a comprehensive source of information

Our objectives are to:

  • Become the credible heart, and official voice, of the vending industry
  • Create an industry that’s progressive and recognised as such
  • Generate and maintain upbeat perceptions of vending
  • Reinforce the benefits of advances made to vendors and consumers
  • Build a community of mutual interest by:
    • Engaging fully with members and users
    • Reaching out to the wider community

 21st century technology has been utilised to make vending a positive experience for users and providers alike.

The industry’s image is already changing.

Together we can transform it.

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